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Rural Milk Receiving is the one of the staples of our business.  Our licensed milk receivers will give you outstanding service and accurate sampling and measurement every time!  We work our schedule around yours, so milk pickup is easy, efficient, and goes almost completely unnoticed! You can count on us!  
If you are a dairy looking to send bulk shipments to another dairy, or if you’re a dairy looking to send products to an end customer - we have the tank equipment to make your shipment a breeze!  We employ a number of transport drivers whose sole function is servicing the dairy industry.  Cream, Condensed Milk, Skim - we have a variety of tank sizes and configurations to do what you need the right way!
A swimming pool? Yes, we do that too!  If you have a pool that needs filling, we have the personnel, pumps, hoses and gear to get it done quickly, safely, and on your schedule!
What We Do